Grinder Features & Design

100% Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel is two and a half times denser than aluminum, making it quite a bit stronger and more durable. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality USA-made metals. Our product is machined from a solid stainless rod, allowing minimal points of failure. There is nothing like holding a quality product that will perform day in and day out with ease.

Think of your kitchen utensils. They are mostly stainless, right? That is because stainless is strong, long lasting, food safe, and extraordinarily easy to clean up!!!


Every design out there prides themselves on having sharp teeth, but nobody has sharp teeth on all surfaces. The Ripper has a unique edge on top of all the teeth to start cutting before you even take the first turn. This allows quick, effortless work of grinding your product.

Our thread design encompasses multi leads that easily line up to prevent cross-threading and allow for quarter turns to assemble/dis-assemble the grinder.  The leads of our threads mimic a “firehose“, because who doesn’t need a quick, reliable thread when fighting a fire!

Options, Options, and More Options

Too often we are stuck with what manufactures decide is best for us. The Ripper allows you to totally customize your grinder any way you like. The following is a list of options you have as a customer.

  • Guitar Pick Pollen Scraper – We will provide a custom Ripper pollen scraper to use to collect all the leftover pollen. That’s the best part, right?
  • Stainless Ball Agitator – The product that falls through the screen is the real prize and treat. The Ripper provides you with a single ball bearing on top of the screen to help that process. Grind your product, give it a little shake, and watch happiness accumulate at the bottom.
  • No Coating, Bare Metal – Made from a non-coated, stainless steel, our products are polished for a regal finish.
  • Dishwasher Safe – Another perk of having an all stainless steel design is the fact that it is dishwasher safe and can save from having to spend time cleaning your product and possibly damaging it during the process.
  • Greater Grip with Deep Diamond Knurling – This diamond knurl provides superior grip with the added benefit of being cosmetically appealing.