Stainless steel vs. Aluminum – What is a better choice?

Companies usually manufacture grinders from aluminum, which is not the best choice since it causes various health issues and disorders. On the other hand, stainless steel beats aluminum in many different aspects. Let’s go through the essential characteristics of both materials to understand better why we chose stainless steel for making The Ripper.

Why we should avoid aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that occurs naturally in air, water, and soil. Low concentrations of aluminum occur in many foods, and also, in drugs and pharmaceuticals. We either ingest, inhale, or absorb it through our skin.
It is a dangerous toxin that harms our health. It could be found anywhere in our environment. Increased exposure to it can often lead to various diseases. To be more precise, aluminum is a neurotoxin that causes harmful effects on humans, animals, and plants. It is a poison that attacks the central nervous system. Since it accumulates in the brain, lungs, liver, and kidneys, it often causes severe health problems:

  • Autism
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Bone disorders

Besides grinders, products that often contain aluminum are cosmetics, pesticides, food additives, medications, and much more.

The versatility and benefits of stainless steel

The most significant advantage of stainless steel is its strength. It is very durable and tough, and it retains at both low and high temperatures, which is a critical feature. On top of that, it is resistant to corrosion, water stains, and rust, which makes it ideal for areas where extreme temperatures might appear. The addition of other elements, such as nickel or titanium, enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel even more.
Another crucial aspect is hygiene. Stainless steel does not affect the growth of pathogens and different bacteria. It is a perfect choice for every area where cleanliness is mandatory. Besides, it is highly functional and beautiful to look at it.
And finally, once its original purpose becomes history, stainless steel can get recycled. What also happens quite often is that it’s already made from recycled materials. Therefore, when the time comes, and Ripper serves its purpose, you can transform it into something else that you need at the time.
Besides many other products in the market, the grinder is also an excellent example where usage of stainless steel, instead of aluminum, can make a massive difference. Your health should never be exposed to risks, and it is vital to protect it at all costs.