Why People Used Cannabis Throughout History?

Why People Used Cannabis Throughout History?
Cannabis has a very long history of usage. But the real question is – what was the actual reason for people to consume it? There is no one single answer; instead, we will go through three main reasons why ancient people used cannabis. It is interesting that today, the situation is not much different.

Medicinal reason
One of the first emperors of China was writing about the therapeutic value of cannabis. Today, of course, our knowledge is much more in-depth, but still, it is good to know that people were already aware of its health benefits in the past. There is also a story where a person died from breast cancer, and she was buried in a shroud of cannabis plants. Even though modern cannabis research is far more legit than it was before, it is clear that some of the historical written records were triggers for such types of research.

Spiritual reason
People were using various forms of cannabis in between their rituals. It was helping them reach the alternate state of mind and even connect with the afterlife. On top of that, there are numerous written records about religious usages of the plant and its spiritual meanings. There is an interesting story from Scandinavia, which says that a shaman woman was buried with cannabis in a pouch around her waist. As you can see, marijuana has a huge religious role. Even if you might not perceive its effects that way, it is still nice to know how ancient people experienced it.

Material reason
Money is one of the crucial factors in the world (and it always was), whether we like it or not. In Mesopotamia and other historical countries, marijuana often played a role in trades. Nowadays, the plant has opened up paths for various businesses. For instance, many companies focus on creating hemp from cannabis and making different products based on it. On the other hand, there are small companies, such as Herb Ripper, that make the consumers life easier by selling high-quality stainless steel grinders. The point is – cannabis has so many potentials when it comes to different types of business.

Ancient people recognized cannabis as an excellent plant for various reasons. Nowadays, we have much more science-based facts that support its medicinal usage. Still, we have to give credit to our ancestors because, without their written records, modern researchers probably wouldnt even bother working on it.