Why a Stainless Steel Grinder Out Grinds the Competition

When you think about knives you use to cut your food, the material stainless steel surely comes to mind as the healthiest choice. Well, when it comes to grinders, companies usually manufacture them from aluminum, which has been linked to health issues. So, why shouldn’t we cut our herbs and spices with a higher standard material too? While The Ripper is the answer to this question, we still want to share our insights and take the time to discuss the benefits stainless steel itself offers and how that directly impacts your experience of grinding and enjoying your product as much as you can. So let’s start.


The first and most important benefit that stainless steel offers is better hygiene. The materials’ easy-to-clean abilities make it the go-to material when you want, or need strict hygiene conditions. Also, the hard metallic properties of stainless steel make it very hard for bacteria to survive and crawl its way into your body. Another perk of having an all stainless steel design is the fact that it is dishwasher safe and can save you from having to spend time cleaning your product and possibly damaging it during the process.

Corrosion Resistance

You don’t have to worry about oxidization and corrosion with your stainless steel product. That’s exactly why the material is extensively used in hospital and food processing environments.


Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. In fact, 50% of new stainless steel comes from old re-melted stainless steel scrap, thereby completing the full life cycle.

Recycling helps protect the environment and reduces the need for extracting, refinancing and processing materials. So, when the time comes and your copy of The Ripper served its purpose, you can have it re-melted into something you will find more useful at the time! 

Esthetic appearance

The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance to any product made from this material. Just take a look at The Ripper. The stainless steel sharp-edged teeth. The regal polish. Products made of stainless steel simply look great.

Takeaway Many unique values that stainless steel provides make it a great choice of material. Stainless steel is two and a half times denser than aluminum, making it a lot stronger and durable, resulting in a premium experience of any product you’re using