Sifting Screen

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Strong stainless screen to sift the best pollen

Available in 3 sizes, all interchangeable and removable

All you need it a pair of snap ring pliers that can be purchased at any hardware store.

Simply remove the stainless snap ring, pop the screen and gasket out of the groove, insert the new screen, and finally snap the ring back in place!

Course- 40 micron screen. This is the screen you want if you want the most amount of pollen to fall down to the catch basin.

Medium- 60 micron screen. Use this screen to yield a finer more potent pollen.

Fine- 80 micron screen. This is our finest screen and used to generate the finest, most robust pollen.

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80 microns, filters out the finest pollen


60 Microns, a perfect blend of the coarse and the fine


40 Microns, For those you want to the most pollen possible