Herb Grinder Plates for Fine or Coarse Grinds


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All grinders come with your choice between a coarse grinding plate and hybrid (fine/medium) grinding plate. If you’ve purchased The Ripper Classic 2″ Grinder or The Ripper XL 2.5″ Grinder, and you want some versatility to your grinds, you have the ability to purchase an additional plate aside from the whole grinder to customize your experience. We also sell a hybrid plate for the new Ripper Mini 1.5″ grinder if you need an additional plate.

First, choose the grinder that you purchased or are about to purchase:

  • The Ripper Classic 2″ grinder
  • The Ripper XL 2.5″ grinder
  • The Ripper Mini 1.5″ grinder

Second, choose either:

  • Coarse – large holes to allow for chunkier herb
  • Hybrid (Fine/ Medium) – small holes for finer grinds

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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Regular 2" Grinder, 2.5" Extra Large Grinder, 1.5" Mini Grinder