What makes inhaling different from ingesting – key differences between edibles and flowers


With the herb coming out of the ‘taboo’ category, people have largely started experimenting with all these different ways to get the most out of the herb. Cannabis-infused foods open up a realm of possibilities for the curious user.
As you start experimenting with what edibles have to offer, you will probably be confused about what to expect from taking that route of consumption.
Wonder no more, adventurous ones – we will take the time to break down the key differences between your favorite psychoactive edible and the more traditional method of inhaled consumption.

THC Is Absorbed Differently

If you’re wondering about why the herb-infused edibles have a stronger effect than inhaling, the answer lies in the fact that your body absorbs THC differently when ingested.
Consuming the herb as an edible gets THC metabolized by the liver, which makes it a lot more effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier, resulting in a more intense experience.
Inhaling THC, on the other hand, bypasses this metabolic process and allows for THC to travel directly to the brain. This is exactly why the effects of inhaling the herb come on quicker, but do not last long.

Edibles might be a healthier alternative to smoking

Since there’s a lot of worry about the possible long-term health concerns associated with inhaling, a lot of people become increasingly interested in edibles as a method of consumption.
Ingesting the herb can provide longer lasting relief from chronic pain and inflammation, which makes it the health-conscious choice and a preferred one for medical patients at that.
With a lot more options to transform most foods into a herb-infused potion, you can be as adventurous as you want – try making muffins, candies, hummus, bacon, tea, pizza, guacamole, try whatever comes to mind.

Edibles Are More Difficult to Dose

Figuring out the amount of THC in a home-made batch of edibles can be extremely hard and even the professionals sometimes have difficulty in determining the dose in their products.
Furthermore, the difference between the on-set of effects in these two different methods of consumption, users report overestimating the dose sometimes.
On the other hand, inhaling the herb allows for almost instantaneous effects, which will all you to gradually dose as needed.
While having too much of an edible and ingesting a larger dose of THC probably won’t do you any physical harm, trust us – you will want to enjoy and make the most out of your time spent under the influence if you dose responsibly and patiently.