Herb Grinder – Why is it a useful gadget – The Ripper


It’s Saturday, and you’ve planned out the perfect way to spend the night. You’ve invited a bunch of friends for a Lord of the Rings Extended Version marathon on your 50” screen Full-HD O-LED TV. You’ve secured an ounce of your favorite strain the night before. You’ve bought all the snacks, soft drinks, and liquor a man could ask for. You’ve prepared a perfect setting to decompress after a long work week. 

It’s 9PM. The friends have arrived. The first can of soda got opened. The Fellowship of the Ring is running, and it’s already 15 minutes in when you all agree – it’s time to get to work and roll those joints. 

As you’ve finished grinding it all down, you stop to take a look at your fingertips. Taken by the amount of weed residue left on your fingertips, you realize you hadn’t actually prepared all that well. 

“This is not going to work, guys – the next time we decide to spend 9+ hours shacked up at my home for movie marathons, we’ve got to invest in a grinder. Take a look at my fingertips, we’re wasting all that precious THC!”, you angrily state your case. And rightly so. 

The truth is –veteran or a newbie, owning a herb grinder will make your smoking sessions much more enjoyable. 

To help you understand and how will a grinder benefit your case, we’ve prepared a buying guide that will give you insight into why is a grinder such a useful gadget, and the common differences between different types of grinders.

Why is a weed grinder such a useful gadget?  

While breaking down the bud with your fingers will, essentially, get the job done, this method will ultimately waste all that precious cannabis pollen due to the trichomes getting stuck on your fingertips. 

That’s where a grinder comes into play. 

Designed to finely grind down your product in order to provide a smooth, slow, and consistent smoke, using a herb grinder will allow your bowl, joint, or any inhale-able method of consumption that much better. 

You see, finely ground cannabis means more THC crystals getting absorbed during combustion, giving you more potent effects from whatever strain you are exploring at the moment. 

To put all of this into perspective – the finer the cut, the finer the experience. 

Types of Grinders 

When discussing how well you want your cannabis to be ground down, the results will be determined by the number of pieces your grinder is made out of. 

A two-piece grinder has only one compartment where you put, grind, and retrieve the cannabis in question. Simply designed, and easy-to-use, this type of grinder is a perfect opportunity for beginners to experiment with.  

A three-piece grinder has three compartments – the lid and two chambers. The first chamber holds all the teeth, and it’s where all the grinding will be done. As you work to get to the tiniest bits of your herb, the ground cannabis will fall through to the bottom chamber, serving as a storage room for the material until you’re ready to roll that perfect joint. 

Alongside the two chambers featured in a three-piece grinder, a four-piece grinder has an additional chamber (kief collector) at the bottom that is separated by a sifting screen that allows for all that cannabis pollen to fall through into it and accumulate over time. 


To sum it all up. 

While grinding your bud down with your hands will, essentially, do the trick – it will leave all that pollen on your fingertips; leading to a total waste of your cannabis product. 

Furthermore, using a grinder will provide you with a smooth & consistent smoking experience – no matter the type of grinder you use. 

Whether it’s a 2-piece, or a 4-piece, you stand to benefit.